Queens Creations


Hey Girl, Hey!  We are the Vazquez Vixens hunty and let's get ready to slay!  The Vazquez Vixens are a group of mothers, daughters, and visionaries who look sickening while taking the world by storm.  Our goal is to encourage everyone (male, female, gay , straight, black, white and everyone in between) to embrace their inner vixen.

Just like in the real world, our Vixenery comes with variety.  Take a moment to meet our Vixens and explore how they contribute to world domination through one taste of vixenry at a time.


AC Vazquez


The original Vazquez Vixen. 

AC's weapon of vixenry is her words.  Watch out because they will cut you like a knife or seduce you to into ecstasy.  AC Vazquez uses her no nonsense Jersey flair to encourage other vixens to maintain their sexy and keep vixenry alive.



The Craftsy Vixen

Don't let that sweet demeanor fool, Viki is ready to dominate the world using her vixen power of artistry.  Viki invites other vixens their visions come to life and humbly embrace their destiny.


Cristal Delgado

The Baking Vixen

Did someone say luscious?  Preheat the oven to a warm 350, add a dash of glitter and you'll be dazzled by the Baking Vixen's tasty vixen power.  Cristal emboldens other vixens to take a bite out life and fiercely embrace their inner vixen.



The Wise Vixen

Are you ready to set the record straight?  Patricia is a Vixen Collaborator that strengthens all vixens through her sweet and sassy demeanor.  Her pearls of wisdom inspire vixens to be their true selves.



The Teen Vixen

Forget your box, let's move to another multiverse!  Kaitlyn is a Vixen Collaborator that pushes the boundaries of imagination and challenges us to redefine the meaning of Vixen.